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Are you looking for your dream coworking space in Las Vegas, NV? Fortunately, you have come to the right place because we offer you more than just an easily-accessible office. Keep reading to learn what else to expect when leasing our office space.
What’s included:

  • Prestigious Location
    Location is perhaps the most important factor when renting an office space. Our building has a very convenient location in a prestigious area of Vegas. This ensures easy access, safe parking, and an incredible view.
  • Computer with high-speed internet and headset.
    We understand the needs of your business, which is why we always make sure that our computers are in perfect working order and allow you quick access to the Internet.
  • Meeting rooms & conference room use.
    When you decide to use our office space rental service, you get the chance to use our well-kept and properly- furnished meeting rooms, where you can keep your employees on-task by encouraging them to brainstorm new ideas.
  • Your own inbound phone number
    Here, you will receive your own phone number, which will allow potential clients to easily find you whenever they need your assistance.
  • IT support
    We can give you the peace of mind that whenever you need technical support, you will receive it in a timely fashion. Our IT experts are available for you during business hours and ready to assist you.
  • Complimentary Coffee and Donuts.
    To make our employees happy, we serve them free coffee and donuts, which are also available for you and your team.

Fantastic 360 Degree View

Coffee/ Tea

Mailbox Services

Meeting Room

Bagels / Donuts

Print / Scan/ Copy

Lobby Greeter

Free & Covered Parking




Super Fast Wi-Fi

Beta Tests, Incubation & Outsourcing Opportunities Opportunities


Make the most out of your dream without the initial investment!
Our experienced outsourcing experts can assist in outsourcing your project offshore to minimize cost and maximize profits. Our tenured staff can collaborate with you on strategic outsource planning, recruiting & execution.

Both voice and non-voice at ¼ the cost of US based agents. Access to tenured managers & trainers to develop, and foster teams of agents to success.

Design, development, database, networking, online and offline IT processes at ¼ of the cost of US based technicians. Access to tenured online managers, and technicians with years of experience.

Why Rent an Office Space from Us?

For many people, whether to buy property or lease one can be a confusing issue. Of course, when it comes to such an important business decision, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some of the advantages of renting your business facility include flexibility, fewer responsibilities, deductible payments, no mortgage, negotiable rates, tax credits, less tax paperwork, and no down payment. We know what works best for cash-strapped small businesses and are looking forward to helping you!

Who Can Benefit from This Offer?

Our team of experts can assist you in outsourcing all types of projects offshore to minimize cost and maximize profits. With us, you have the chance to make the most out of your dream without the initial investment. Here, you will have the access to the services of tenured managers and trainers, who will help you develop and foster teams to success. We will collaborate with you on strategic planning, recruiting, and execution, regardless of the type of your business or project.

Want to find out more about our reliable call center seat leasing service? Do not hesitate to contact our representatives at (702) 570-4227 right away!

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We support the Las Vegas Visitors Authority and the Las Vegas Convention Center by providing a professional and reliable place to network after events and set up meetings during convention days.